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This program is for executives that are serious about implementing a business growth system to increase cash flow, profitability, valuation and most importantly, the time you have to work on other objectives.

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Employees and executives come in all shapes and sizes. Their backgrounds are varied, and their working and leadership styles run the gamut from passive-aggressive to just plain aggressive...

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Activate Group

Activate Group works with Executives and their teams to accelerate business performance by implementing proven and practical business tools and processes in order to maximize and accelerate growth. AGI specializes in the areas of executive coaching, business management coaching, strategic planning, recruiting the right people and placing them in the right seats, assessment tools, business planning, meeting facilitation, strengthening culture, increasing accountability, and developing leadership. AGI’s goal is to work with individuals and with their entire team using personalized service and customized approach to address and achieve desired results.

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How is Your Level of Trust Affecting Performance?

June 19, 2014

Are you someone who tends to have trouble trusting your team? Do you only trust a few people? Your lack of trust could be holding back the organization and hampering growth and destroying profits!